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Recording studio
Our recording studio provides you high quality technology and qualified support for your audio/video projects by using Apple platform, PRO TOOLS software and professional outboards.
We specialize in composing music and are able to offer elevated standards in professional audio and music production.
Our services inlcude:
• Music Editing/Mixing and Mastering
• Production Services/Consulting
• Arranging/Orchestration
• Performer – multi-instrumentalist
• Song writing/development
• Album/Song Production or Consulting
• Electronic/Synth/Programming
• Additional Musicians services
We offer the possibility to create from scratch your new and original audio/video projects with arrangements and productions suited to you. Besides we can provide the final printing of the compact disc and the distribution through digital music stores such as iTunes, Virgin, etc.

Contact us and we will make sure you get the highest quality of music at the best price, answering at all your needs regarding music.